Saturday, March 5, 2016

Indian Stock/Share Market Investing Tips by BULLET ADVISORY

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ECB governing council meeting on 10 March 2016 to review the interest rates

 We can see through the charts.
We can write it on the wall.
What are you waiting for?

BSE Sensex (24646.48)  and NSE Nifty(7485.35) closed  up  by  6.70 % and 6.71 % respectively  last week.

ICICIBANK and  RCOM added Open Interest in March series.Huge position was build up at  SBI March call  Option Strike Price 200.Good build up was also seen at  HINDALCO  March  call  Option Strike Price  92.50.

Strategy  for Futures Option players

(1)  SRF (1207.80)   Future-Lot Size 400 shares.

Buy One Lot  March  Future  @ 1207.80 Rs.
Sell One Call Option March  strike price 1250.00@ 21.75Rs
Premium Received= 21.75*400=  8700.00Rs
Maximum Profit=  1250.00– 1207.80 = 42.20*400=  16880 + 8700 = 25580.00 Rs.
Max Loss=Unlimited.

(2) JSW STEEL (1195.40) LOT SIZE  600 shares
Buy  One Call Option of   March  Strike Price 1200.00@ 37.60 Rs.
Sell  One Call Option of   March  Strike Price  1240.00@ 22.40 Rs.
Premium Paid = 37.60*600 = 22560.00 Rs.
Premium Received= 22.40*600 = 13440.00 Rs.
Net Premium Paid= 22560 – 13440 = 9120.00 Rs.
Maximum Profit = 1240.00 – 1200.00 = 40*600= 24000.00 – 9120.00 =  14880.00 Rs.
Maximum Loss= 9120.00 Rs.
Break Even=  1215.20

Trading Idea

(1) DR REDDY (3252.75) Buy this stock in decline and trade.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               .

(2) INDUSIND BANK (915.90) Buy this stock in decline and trade.


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