Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stock portfolio advice Stock trading advice by BULLET ADVISORY

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We can see through the charts.
We can write it on the wall.
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We are BULLET.

Monetary policy meet of  Bank of  Japan  scheduled on 30 April 2015

BSE Sensex (27437.94)  and NSE Nifty(8305.25) closed down  by 3.5% and  3.51% respectively  last week.Nifty Future was quoting at  33.45 points premium.Nifty  call option April  8500 was very active.Support for Sensex is at  26590 and Nifty at 8050. Resistance for Sensex is at 28190 and Nifty at 8525.

RELIANCE  and   TATA MOTORS  added Open Interest in April  series.Huge position was build up at  UNITECH April put Option Strike Price 15.Good build up was also seen at JPASSOCIAT April  put Option Strike Price 20.

Strategy  for Futures Option players.

(1)    IGL (432.25)   Future-Lot Size 500 shares.
Buy One Lot MAY  Future  @ 432.25 Rs
Sell One Call Option MAY  strike price 450@ 16.80 Rs
Premium Received= 16.80*500= 8400.00 Rs
Maximum Profit= 450 – 432.25= 17.75*500= 8875 + 8400.00 = 17275.00 Rs.
Max Loss=Unlimited.

(2) TATA STEEL (370.50) LOT SIZE 500 shares
Buy  One Call Option of   MAY  Strike Price 370@ 17.10 Rs.
Sell  One Call Option of   MAY Strike Price 390@ 9.35 Rs.
Premium Paid = 17.10*500= 8550.00 Rs.
Premium Received=9.35*500= 4675.00 Rs.
Net Premium Paid= 8550 –4675=3875.00 Rs.
Maximum Profit = 390-370=20*500=10000.00 – 3875.00 = 6125.00 Rs.
Maximum Loss= 3875.00 Rs.
Break Even= 377.75

Trading Idea

(1) M & M FIN (279) Buy this stock in decline and trade.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               .

(2) ADANI ENTERPRIES (660.25) Buy this stock in decline and trade.

Bullet Advisory.
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we are BULLET.

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