Saturday, January 10, 2015

Technically best buy and sell stocks recommendations by BULLET ADVISORY

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Uncertainties on the status of Greece including a possible exit from Eurozone persists

BSE Sensex (27458.38)  and NSE Nifty(8284.50) closed down  by 1.5% and  1.3% respectively  last week.Nifty Future was quoting at  27.10 points premium.Nifty  call option January  8400 was very active.Support for Sensex is at  26800 and Nifty at 8080. Resistance for Sensex is at 28000 and Nifty at 8460.

HIND UNILEVER  and INFY added Open Interest in January  series.Huge position was build up at INFY January call Option Strike Price 2200.Good build up was also seen at   TATA GLOBAL  January  call Option Strike Price 160.

Strategy  for Futures Option players.

(1)   INFY (2088)   Future-Lot Size 250 shares.
Buy One Lot January  Future  @ 2088 Rs
Sell One Call Option January  strike price 2180@ 19.85 Rs
Premium Received= 19.85*250= 4962.50 Rs
Maximum Profit=2180-2088=92*250= 23000.00 + 4962.50 = 27962.50 Rs.
Max Loss=Unlimited.

(2) HEXAWARE (209.30) LOT SIZE 2000 shares
Buy  One Call Option of   January Strike Price 210@ 7.95 Rs.
Sell  One Call Option of   January Strike Price 225@ 2.90 Rs.
Premium Paid = 7.95*2000 = 15900.00 Rs.
Premium Received=2.90*2000= 5800.00 Rs.
Net Premium Paid= 15900.00 –5800.00= 10100.00 Rs.
Maximum Profit =225-210=15*2000=30000.00 – 10100.00 = 19100.00 Rs.
Maximum Loss= 10100.00 Rs.
Break Even= 215.05

Trading Idea

 (1) TECH M (2680.35) Buy this stock in decline and trade.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               .
(2) BATA INDIA (1356.90) Buy this stock in decline and trade.

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sir when i had money i foolishly squndered in future trading without proper guidance .13.8
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dear sir i bow before you not for helping me.but the accuracy of your calls.thank you sir 5/8/2008

apke call bahut ace hai.

sir.i asked u yesterday whether i should hold my nifty fut short postions and u siad worked.thank you sir!!

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