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Top most stock market advisory India – BULLET

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Interim budget will be presented in the parliament by finance minister on 17 February 2014

BSE Sensex (20376.56)  and NSE Nifty(6063.20) closed  down  by 0.7% and 0.4% respectively  last week.Nifty Future February was quoting at  15  points premium.Nifty put option February  6000 was very active.Support for Sensex is at  20100 and Nifty at 6000. Resistance for Sensex is at 20580 and Nifty at 6120.

TATA STEEL and  TATA MOTORS  added Open Interest in February  series.Huge position was build up at  TATA STEEL  February  Call Option Strike Price 370.Good build up was also seen at  TATA MOTORS  February Call Option Strike Price 400.

Strategy  for Futures Option players.                                                               

(1) IOC(244.55)   Future-Lot Size 1000 shares.
Buy One Lot   FEBRUARY  Future  @244.55 Rs
Sell One Call Option of  FEBRUARY Strike Price 250@ Rs.7.75
Premium Received=7.75*1000= 7750.00 Rs
Maximum Profit=250-244.55 = 5.45*1000 = 5450 + 7750=13200.00 Rs.
Max Loss=Unlimited.

(2) NTPC(135.95) LOT SIZE 2000 shares
Buy One Call Option of February Strike Price 135@3.20 Rs.
Sell One Call Option of February Strike Price 140@1.30 Rs.
Premium Paid = 3.2*2000= 6400.00 Rs.
Premium Received=1.3*2000=2600.00 Rs.
Net Premium Paid= 6400-2600=3800.00 Rs.
Maximum Profit = 140-135= 5*2000= 10000.00 – 3800.00=6200.00Rs.
Maximum Loss=3800
Break Even= 136.90

Trading Idea

(1) TITAN (225.70) Buy this stock in decline and trade                                                                                                                                                                                                                                .
(2) CAIRN(334.05) Buy this stock in decline and trade

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apke call bahut ace hai.

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