Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bullet Advice– consolidation continues at higher levels

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BSE Sensex (18221.43) and Nifty (5479.40) closed up 1.2% and 1.3% respectively last week.Nifty Future September was quoting at 1.60 points premium.Nifty Call Option September 5500 was very active.Support for Sensex is at 17920. Resistance for Sensex is at 18445 .Support for Nifty is at 5380 and resistance at 5545.

Indian Stock Market will remain closed on 10th September because of Ramzan Id.Telecom and suger shares may see value buying emerging at lower levels in coming days.

Suzlon and Tata Steel added Open Interest in September series.Huge position was build up at Suzlon September Call Option Strike Price 55.Good build up was also seen at Unitech September Call Option Strike Price 85.
Strategy for Futures Option players.

1)Hotel Leela(54.90) Lot Size-8000 Shares
Buy One Call Option of September Strike Price 55@2.25 Rs
Sell One Call Option of September Strike Price 60@0.85 Rs.
Premium .Paid=2.25*8000= 18000.00.00 Rs.
Premium Received=0.85*8000= 6800.00 Rs.
Net Premium Paid==18000.00-6800.00=11200.00 Rs.
Maximum Profit==60.00-55.00==5*8000=40000.00-11200.00=28800.00 Rs.
Maximum Loss= 11200.00 Rs.
Break Even Price=56.40

2)Chambal Fertilizer(74.65) September Future-Lot Size 4000 shares.
Buy One Lot September Future @74.65 Rs

Sell One Call Option of September Strike Price 75@2.40 Rs.
Premium Received=2.40*4000= 9600.00 Rs
Maximum Profit=75.00-74.65=0.35*4000=1400.00+ 9600.00=11000.00 Rs.
Max Loss=Unlimited.

rend of Major Stocks
STOCK TREND Days WeeklyTrend MonthlyTrend
BHEL.NS Bearish 6 Falling Falling
ICICIBANK.NS Bulllish 3 Rising Rising
INFOSYSTC.NS Bulllish 3 Rising Falling
ITC.NS Neutral 1 Rising Falling
MARUTI.NS Bulllish 5 Rising Rising
SBIN.NS Neutral 1 Falling Rising
TATASTEEL.NS Bulllish 6 Rising Rising
TCS.NS Bearish 2 Falling Rising

Technical indicators of major Stocks
MFI=Money Flow Index
RSI=Relative Strength Index
ADX=Directional Momentum Index
BHEL.NS 2386.25 39.56 37.56 12.23
ICICIBANK.NS 1001 52.62 59.22 30.18
INFOSYSTC.NS 2777.45 48.96 50.66 15.11
ITC.NS 164 70.9 30.87 55.14
MARUTI.NS 1272.1 66.71 54.7 25.62
SBIN.NS 2773.4 57.7 59.16 40.36
TATASTEEL.NS 540.95 54.64 58.51 26.48
TCS.NS 837.3 37.4 45.09 14.74

Trading Idea
1)Tata Chem(410.50)Buy this stock in decline and trade.
2)Divi’s Lab(756.70) Buy this stock in decline and trade

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