Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dow Nasdaq U.S.Stocks Technical Analysis By Bullet Advisory

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Bullet Advice for Indian Stocks-U.S.Market Trend
DOW (10325.26) and NASDAQ (2238.26) closed 0.7% and 0.3% down respectively last week.Support for DOW is at 10200 and NASDAQ 2207.Resistance for DOW is at 10445 and NASDAQ 2260.
Trend Of Major Indices and Stocks
Symbol Trend No. of Days WeeklyTrend Month
^DJI Bearish 2 Flat! Flat!
^IXIC Neutral 1 Flat! Flat!
AA Bulllish 2 Flat! Flat!
AXP Bearish 5 Flat! Flat!
BA Bearish 2 Flat! Flat!
C Bearish 2 Flat! Flat!
CAT Bearish 4 Flat! Flat!
DD Bearish 2 Flat! Flat!
DIS Bearish 1 Flat! Flat!
EK Bulllish 1 Flat! Flat!
GE Bulllish 1 Flat! Flat!
HD Bearish 1 Flat! Flat!
HON Bearish 2 Flat! Flat!
IBM Bearish 2 Rising Flat!
INTC Bearish 2 Flat! Flat!
IP Bearish 5 Flat! Flat!
JNJ Bearish 6 Flat! Flat!
JPM Bulllish 1 Flat! Flat!
KO Bearish 5 Flat! Flat!
MCD Bearish 2 Flat! Flat!
MMM Bulllish 1 Flat! Flat!
MO Bearish 1 Flat! Flat!
MRK Bulllish 1 Flat! Flat!
MSFT Neutral 1 Flat! Flat!
PG Bearish 1 Flat! Flat!
T Bearish 6 Flat! Flat!
UTX Neutral 1 Flat! Flat!
WMT Bulllish 5 Flat! Flat!
XOM Bearish 2 Flat! Flat!

Useful Technical Indicators for Major Indices and Stocks
Symbol PVBreakout MFI-21 RSI-14 ADX-14
^DJI 10325.26 Neutral 51.77 52.03
GE 16.06 Neutral 53.63 50.23
IBM 127.16 Neutral 48.54 53.16
MSFT 28.67 Neutral 35.97 48.1
PG 63.28 Loser 64.56 58.04

MFI=Money Flow Index
RSI=Relative Strength Index
PV=Price Volume
Trading Idea
(1)JPM(41.97)Buy at declines and trade.
(2)HON(40.16) Buy at declines and trade.

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